Describe something which you find very annoying.?

Question:you should say :

what it is
why it irritates you
how other people feel about this

and make suggestions to deal with this problem.

I hate the word "later..." when it comes to my ears sometime because i always need to wait... I guess i gotta keep my self busy so i wont be bored

They are universally hated because they ring at the most annoying time and it doesn't matter how polite you try to be they will push u past breaking point. (dealing with them always leaves me with a sick feeling)

Techniques that don't work:

This is a bad time right now...
I don't do surveys...
I'm not interested in your charity...
We are in the middle of dinner, what a bad time to ring...
Please do not ring on this number...

Techniques that do work:

Hang up immediately...
Speak in a foreign language...
Conduct a full survey on the telemarketer...
Insist on knowing their personal details...
Rudeness & foul language...
Ask them to hold... (while u resume your dinner)
people who talk REALLY loud and in ur face! ahhh.

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