Can I apply for financial aid if i owe the IRS?

I know that i currently owe $1,050 but i haven't wored since Jan. 08. thus, i didn't file taxes for 08. will this affect my financial aid?
Owing the IRS does not affect financial aid eligibility, nor does filing a tax return, although if you get unemployment benefits in 2008 you are required by law to report, and your financial aid office may require you to do so (we have to do that now) to get aid. Source(s): I own been a financial aid administrator for 25 years.
Yes this will, you have to provide copies of your taxes for financial aid, if you can't provide copies, then they will not confer you financial aid. It don't matter if you owe, it matters if your late on olden financial aid loans or non payment on F.A. loans. You need to file adjectives taxes they request taxes for 2007, 2008 and now it will be 2009 coming up. Source(s): Work for a college

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