Exactly what can i spend my FAFSA give in money on?

Alright i was approved for the full grant from fafsa i have already compensated my tuition for the first quater and now all i have to do is go and get my books and a laptop. Since of coures the college doesnt offer laptops am i able to use my fafsa money to get one? If not please narrate what i can and can not get with the money. Thank you.
You can do whatever you want next to disbursed financial aid. You are expected to ensure that your school account has be paid in full, purchase books and necessary supplies (this would include laptops), ensure that you enjoy access to transportation for the semester (this can include paying for a parking pass or bus pass), and other education related expenses. For instance, if you are participating surrounded by an internship, you may need more businesslike clothing. That would be a good use of your money.
After that, it's up to you. You could blow it all on hookers and beer - in that is no one checking up on you. Just remember that you have to get wearing clothes grades to meet SAP (satisfactory academic progress) guidelines.
Your money first go to the arts school and if you've already paid your tuition, the money should all go hindmost to you as a way of I suppose 'reimbursing' you for the money you paid out of pocket for tuition. Then, you would typically get a check from the arts school which you can then use to your liking. But then every academy is different and they might not give you the money in a check, but they most likely would. Check beside your school so you know if you'll be getting the money in your pocket (in the form of a check). Source(s): Sophomore in college.

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