Am I still my parents dependent even if they don't claim me on their income excise?

I'm trying to fill out the FAFSA. I did the
They are saying that "Your parents do not claim you as a dependent on their income taxes" is not a special circumstance and I still have to return with their tax info.. I am confused?! I am claimed as an independent, why does their tax info matter??
Here is the "special circumstance FAQ" I am quoting,
"Examples of special circumstances where on earth you may be able to submit your FAFSA without providing parental information include:

* Your parents are incarcerated; or
* You have departed home due to an abusive family environment; or
* You do not know where your parents are and are inept to contact them (and you have not been adopted).

Not all situations are considered a special circumstance. The following are situations that would not be considered a special circumstance:

* Your parents do not want to provide their information on your FAFSA; or
* Your parents discard to contribute to your college expenses; or
* Your parents do not claim you as a dependent on their income taxes; or
* You do not live with your parents."

I am 20 years old, I am living on my own and paying ALL of my own expenses including my tuition. Someone please help!
Being classified as dependent or independent for financial aid purposes has nothing to do with person claimed as a dependent on your parents income tax forms. (if someone claims you or not).

Being classified one or the other for financial aid purposes also has nothing to do next to actually BEING financially dependent or independent (that would be WAY too easy and this is the government we are discussion about here). These are classifications, and not really words that define what they are... it would be just as glib (and a lot less confusing) if they would just enunciate one is classified as GREEN or RED, or classified as A or B. They are just labels, and unlike the words, don't mean what you surmise they should.

The only thing that matters for fin aid purposes is if you can answer YES to one of the 13 status question. And yes, if you apply for the special circumstances for a dependency override, you will be denied. Don't feel bad though, you are not being singled out.. every kid have to follow the same rules as you are.

Besides, I have been doing this a long time and it is my experience that anyone who is TRULY financially independent and living on their own and paying their own route for everything, rent, utilities, gasonline, etc. wouldn't get any free grant money even if they WERE to apply without the folks income.
No one can help. It doesn't matter if you live independently, you are still a dependent student if you don't get together the criteria for independent status. To be considered independent, you must be 24 or over, an active member of the military, have children(dependents), or be married.

You will hold to include your parents tax information when you apply for the fafsa.
It is what it is. You are considered a dependent student if you don't come across the special circumstances and are under 24, single and not supporting a child.

It has nothing do to beside whether or not they claim you as a dependent for income tax purposes.
There is no way around it they straight up told you that of late because your living on your own it does not count as special circumstances. The reason why the law is like that for aid is because your parents are still suppose to compensate for your schooling until you are 24 and become an independent adult. Because of your age and since you are not married or have kids than they are telling you you obligation to provide their info for you to even get looked at for FAFSA. Just call your parents and tell them what you necessitate, let them know you will not expect them to pay anything, you just have need of the info to get as much aid as possible so you can pay less within tuition. You can also give them the info or show them the website stating that you need their information or your out of luck on getting grants. It really does suck and I know a few individuals who have had to wait till they be 25 just to go to school because of situations similar to yours.
You wound like you are independent to me.The school does not certificate me as an authority in this matter, I recommend that you contact the financial aid office of the college you are applying to for an official opinion.

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