I am 20 years outdated, how can I apply for fafsa as an independent?

I am 20 years old and I am staying by myself and I no longer stay with my parents. I want to apply for fafsa to get hold of loans and grants to help me through arts school. The thing is I am unable to catch my parents tax returns to file as an independent. I don't want to be in motion into details about it but long story short they will not give me their import tax returns. I am working and I filed my income tax independently this year. Is within anything that I can do to apply for financial aid as a dependent since technically I am dependent?

Answers:    Why do people keep giving this same incorrect direction?

You can be classified with independent status for federal financial aid purposes ONLY IF

You were born past January 1, 1985

You are married (but not divorced)

You provide more than 50% of the financial support for one or more children of your own

You provide more than 50% of the financial support for a non-child independent who lives in your home

You are, or were declared a ward of the court up to that time your 18th birthday

You are an active duty member of the US military

You are a veteran of the US military.


Why? Because "independence" is a legitimate status that is defined by the congressional act that establishes the federal financial aid program. How is it defined? By the question above, which all appear on the FAFSA form.

Your financial aid dependency status has NOTHING to do near the concept of "emancipation". Emancipation means that you live alone and pay adjectives your own bills, without receiving money from your parents. Again - deliverance has NOTHING to do with your financial aid dependency status.

If you are a dependent right very soon, you are still a dependent if you:

Move in with your boyfriend
Move contained by with your weird Uncle Jake
Move surrounded by with the Hari Krishna
Win $138 million playing Powerball
Find a job that pays you $600,000 a year
Win the Nobel Peace Prize
Get an invitation to write the subsequent Harry Potter book

You are a dependent student if your parents don't give you money.

You are a dependent student if you haven't seen your parents since 1991.

You are a dependent student if your parents go into the Federal Witness Protection Program specifically because they didn't want to give you money for college.

You are a dependent student if your parents have moved to the Australian outback and become aborigines.

Being classified as a dependent student manner that you must provide your parents' income and asset information when you complete the FAFSA form. If you live alone, with a boyfriend, with a crazy Uncle, or near three pregnant Danish cheerleaders, it is still your parents' income and asset information that you must submit.

This may sound unfair, but there's truly a method to the madness. When Congress established the federal financial aid program, they agreed that PARENTS have the first duty to help their children achieve their dream of difficult education. Congress established a program to HELP parents. If the parents refuse to steal on the responsibility, then the taxpayers (the people who fund financial aid) are not within any way obligated to step in and pick up the slack.

If parents could simply prohibit to pay, then step rear and let the government lift over, just how many parents would recompense voluntarily?

I'm not jumping on you - I have every sympathy for your problem, and I craving I could give you a more optimistic answer. I'm jump on the people who make believe that they know the answer to this cross-question - and give the same incorrect information over and over and over again.

The lone thing I can recommend to you is that you contact the financial aid office at your university. They've heard this sad and unwelcome problem before, and they may have come up beside some solutions that help you get around it. It won't be human being declared independent, though.

Edit: Sorry to make this so long, but here is the exact excerpt from the Department of Education's Student Financial Aid Handbook for college financial aid professionals:

"Dependency overrides
The Higher Education Act allows a financial aid administrator (FAA) to make dependency overrides on a case-by-case cause for students with unusual circumstances. If the FAA determines that an override is appropriate, she must write a statement detailing the determination and must include the statement and supporting documentation in the student’s record. However, none of the conditions listed below, singly or in combination, qualify as unusual circumstances meriting a dependency override:

1) Parents embargo to contribute to the student’s education;
2) Parents are unwilling to provide information on the FAFSA or for verification;
3) Parents do not claim the student as a dependent for income charge purposes;
4) Student demonstrates total self-sufficiency."
Given your age, you must have filed your taxes independently since you be 18 to file as emancipated. Given that you've only file one year, FAFSA is going to ask for your parents' financial info.

Call the school where you hope to attend and trade name an appointment to sit down with a Financial Aid Officer to discuss the situation. There are considerations that can be made when parents refuse to provide information.

The story as to why they will not foot over the tax returns is not relevant, so don't go into it unless asked. It is not an unusual scenario.

There is a place on the FAFSA to explain unusual circumstances. You can be paid a simple statement there as to the missing parental info.

But do meet next to an FAO as soon as possible.
Again, NotAnyoneYouKnow is correct. FAFSA does not care who you live with, who claims you on duty returns, or whether you support yourself or not. If you are not married, are not a member of the military, do not have a child who your provide more than 50%, you CANNOT apply for the FAFSA as an independent. You will stipulation to get your parents' tax return information. If they don't want to afford you their returns, tell them to go online to FAFSA and enter their own info on your application. But oodles schools will also require their own financial aid application which may require you to submit copies of both you and your parents' tax returns and W-2s.
Thanks anonymous, why do general public post when they don't have a clue.

He's right, your best bet is to get married.

Everyone could simply voice they are independent of their parents, what parent would pay a dime?
You are not living with your parents. You stated you file independently this year. You will need to file near fafsa as an independent.
I agree with the first answerer here (Cecelia?). Also, check out fafsa.edu to see if they can help further. I'm sure there's a "contact us" or "help" partition.

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