What is the difference between effective and efficient communication?

When a person uses effective communication, he or she succeeds in reaching his or her goal for communicating.

When a person is efficient in communicating, he or she gets out the message in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of energy.

To sum, effectiveness deals with a job well-dong; efficiency deals with time.
Effective communications would be if I warned you not to do something that I don't like, again, or I'll hurt you... that is effective communications.

Efficient communications would be for me to just whack you along side the head and wave my finger in your face so you know your behavior was not acceptable.
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Maybe efficient communication is just responding quickly and effective communication is more considered and actually reaches a satisfactory conclusion!!
effective communication is usually efficient as well. efficient is time focused, effective is time/goal focused.
Efficient communication is to talk to people so they can understand your meaning. Effective communication is to talk to people and help them learn and objectively hear what you are telling them
Effective communication is the way that it is given. Was the speech effective in getting results. Efficient is how much. Did the speech have efficient enough information in it.

A better example: If you have a friend who is considering smoking cigarettes and you talk to her was your communication with her effective. Did it get her to change her mind, rethink her decision or reevaluate why she wanted to try it in the first place. if she rethought about it the you had an effective conversation with her.

When you had to call the police and speak to them about a disturbance in your neighborhood did you give them efficient enough information in order to process your report.

Hope that helps.

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