I just got my High School Diploma online I paid $200.Is the diploma valid?

Question:I did take alot of tests that I had to
pass, but its just so different. My diploma looks real, but is
it valid? Has anyone done something like this?

You should hvae looked into that before paying the $200
is it from a credited school?
what high school program did u use? i also just went through a series of classes and tests online with pennfoster... and i got mine and its legit.
I wouldn't worry too much about it's validity. I don't know of any employers that check. However, if you want to apply to a university, you should find out.

Isn't it considered a GED?
we studied on line to take our GED but then went to the school office to take it and some was done at the community center by teachers then they issued us a GED.
If it looks real than shut up and use it. Get into a VOTECH
and get trained for a job.
If it is a regionally accredited high school in the United States, it is valid. The cost, however, makes me skeptical.

So, if your degree is not valid, you need to find a school with appropriate accreditation. If you are not confident of your ability to distinguish between a legitimate, accredited school and a "degree mill", seek out a guidance counselor at your local high school and ask for his/her help.
I may be wrong but I believe that the online school that you used has to be accredited. If your looking to go to college that would be a requirement or it would be invalid and the college will not accept it..

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