Requirements for CDL class A license?

Question:I am looking to get my CDL class A license. Problem is I wasnt sure if you had to have a GED or high school diploma. I dont see why you would need that just to drive. I want to enroll in classes for the driving course but would like to know some info upfront. I am looking to better my income and I have to many bills to and responsibilities to take up night classes for my GED. Please help my with any info.. Thanks.

Best and most accurate answer would be to call your local semi-driving school and ask them, I just talked to two drivers on the radio and neither stated the need or GED or high school diploma.
u will need at least your GED to attend almost all trade schools but speaking from exp. on the app it asked if i had finish school are received a GED i answered yes and to my knowledge no one checked. FYI if you know someone with a diploma, scot tape and scissors can get you the diploma you always wanted at least a good copy; )
You may not need your high school diploma to get into a truck driving school, just your CDL permit. BUT, I know trucking companies ask on their applications, just like any other job, what your educational background is.

Get your GED... what could it hurt??

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