St. Clair West Station (Toronto Subway) TTC Mysteries...?

Question:Has anybody noticed a huge cavern at the north and south entrances of St. Clair West Subway station?? It's hard to see, when entering from the north, the tracks split into 3 (notice the ramping ceiling, hint of history being hidden by TTC's workers), then when entering the station, they merge into 2 again. Notice the tall ceiling above and slight ramp going UP before getting cut off by the wall?? Thats whats left of the St. Clair West Subway Line (Keele/Symes-Gunns - St. Clair West Subway Station). If you study carefully, you'll notice the shady parts of the last balcony (north exit) on the left and right sides. Those were once ramps going up towards the hole in the ceiling above (Hole is the size of BOTH tunnels below it). TTC has tried very hard to hide a piece of history they tested out for 1 year and I found it. Have you noticed it yet?? Let me know your answers!

Another note: The station (when it was in service) was above the platforms and that hole was the end of the platforms

You had to tell us now??!

The TTC has just boarded up the St. Clair Station platform on June 4th and riders must get off streetcars or buses outside the station and enter the subway holding their passes to be re-admitted. The streetcars and buses are not allowed to stop inside the station. If I wanted to see and gawk at the cavern I don't stand a chance. It's probably going to be ripped out and torn down anyhow.

Here's the notice of the changes taking place at the station:

If you live in Toronto, you can place a hold on several books on the history of the TTC via the Toronto Public Library account holding using your TPL library card. Here's a recommended book, The TTC Story: The First Seventy-five Years:

There's more good books on the TTC and Toronto history found at the Urban Affairs library branch, Metro Hall, 55 John Street. You can place a book hold via your library account or you can drop by and check them out.
Interesting...never noticed.

How about the fully functional Lower Bay station they have hidden under the Bay/Bloor subway station?

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