Will a B+ or A- lower my GPA?

Hi, I'm really worried about my GPA. It is currently a 3.699, but I think might bring an A- or even a B+ in one class this quarter--how would that affect my GPA?

Also, does anyone think it would be possible for me to lift my GPA up to a 3.8 in one year and a half?

Thank you so much!

Answers:    on a 4.0 scramble, the only grade that does NOT lower your title is an A itself.

4.0 = A
3.6 = A-
3.3 = B+
3.0 = B
...and so on.
It depends upon how your school calculates +/- grades and what the top of the amount is. Assuming that an A is 4.0 and a B is 3.0, then we will also assume A- = 3.667, B+ is 3.333 and there is no A+ (if in that were, would it get boosted to a 4.333? - you'll have need of to check with the registrar).

So, if you have a 3.699 currently, an A- would be a 3.667 which is smaller than your current GPA which would lower it. Same next to a B+.

Could you raise your GPA to a 3.8 within a year and a partly? It would depend on how many credits you already have. If you own nine hours, it won't take much to move it - but if you have ninety, it will bring a lot. Also, the number of classes you take over the eighteen months will influence the outcome.

One more point to consider: if you are trying to transfer to another school, your current GPA go away and you simply hold credit for the classes you've taken - you'll start with a null GPA at the new academy.

Try the GPA calculator at http://www.back2college.com/gpa.htm

any grade lower than an A will lower your GPA...even an A-. Usually they only move about down by fractions. I had a 3.625, received a B+ and it went down to a 3.612.

You may know how to raise it to a 3.8...speak with your advisor...or counselor...depending on where on earth you go to school.
Only a final category counts as part of your GPA./

It probably is possible to raise your GPA to almost a 3.8.
Every qrade affects it =)
It would make your grade sophisticated if anything. A B+ is a 3.9 and a A- is a 4., so it can't possibly lower it

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