I just Failed my 1st year of university what will i do?

Question:Just failed 1st year, and really dont know what to do, repeat the 1st year or do a different course? what i waste of year :(

I'll pass on what my Uncle told me many years ago when I did poorly my first year at University.

Think about school as your primary full-time job. In other words, commit 36 to 40 hours to school and studying. If you take a full load of 12 to 15 semester hours. You will be in class for approximately 15 hours a week. You should spend another 25 hours per week studying. If your classes are spaced apart by time, spend the in-between breaks studying and doing homework. For example, if you have a class at 9am that ends at 10am and then your next class isn't until 1pm, spend those three hours studying with a short break for lunch of course.

One last thing, people with a college degree earn more on average than those without. A college degree will pay you back over the course of your lifetime. So buckle down and try harder.

If you do find that you are still struggling, reduce your course load. If you drop back to 9 credit hours per semester, you may lose a grant or a scholarship, but there is still financial aid that you can get. A college education is not a race. Ten years from now it won't matter one bit if it took you six years instead of four to finish your degree.

Good luck
repeat - and try harder this time!
Did you have a good time socially? If not then it might be best for you to find another avenue. However if you are enjoying yourself you have two options:

1. Do 1st year again and really apply yourself- don't spend too much time out on the razzle.

2. Start another course but make sure it's something you're in to and you aren't just doing it to stay out of work for 3 more years.

Hope this helps!
O.K. did you try hard to pass your exam or did you do as countless other students do and play around for the first year??

If so - do you want to finish this course? or do you want to change tack now and do something different.
Is college for you? or do you want to earn some money now.

Will completing this course be a step up for something you really want?

Well answering some of these questions may help YOU make up your mind- good lcuk
Well - not a total waste because you're asking good questionsand not just giving up. Yes, you should go back and take some other courses that you're pretty confident about. Once those are out of the way, re-take the ones you had problems with this time around. Good luck!
Go on a diffrerent course. I have a pal who did the same he flunked English and then realised that it was medical sciences he wanted to do. He is now in a top medical job in Newcastle.

Please don't give up. Have a good think about what you really want to do and go for it. The situation you have found yourself in is not uncommon at all.
If you truly gave school 110%, then maybe it's best for you to take a different route. But if you know you weren't doing the work and you need to apply yourself more, then I would give it another shot. College is definately different from high school as far as work ethic and lifestyle. You can't just come in not study and expect to do well like you can in high school. Time management was my biggest issue. You have to allow yourself so much time for studying. I believe my advisor told me 3 hours of studying for every 1 hour I was in class. (I modified that), but I found what worked for me. I hope you work things out. Good luck.
I say that if this is something that you really want to do (college) then do it again and put more effort into it. But keep in mind that careers are getting very competitive and the chances of getting a good job are slim without some further education. So I recommend that if you realize college is not for you that you try a trade or something like that.
everyone does bad their 1st year of college, it's quite a different, the freedom is hard to get used to at first. I had problems my 1st year, I really didn't do what I should during most of college and it took me awhile to graduate but the thing is I did it, so don't let one bad semester deter you.

Just try to set study time, and try not to get caught up in the party life or going out with dorm mates or roommates
You have to decide whether you really want/need college to accomplish your career goals. Perhaps, instead of the traditional route, you need to go to a Univ. of Phoenix type of college, where you meet less often, graduate in less time, all while holding down a job.

Before repeating 1st year, figure out what went wrong, and do all that is necessary to make it right this time.

If you failed because you found it too difficult to concentrate on school because of social distractions, you need to find a way to balance the two.

Likewise, if you failed because the work was too difficult, get tutoring on the core English and Math courses, because they lay the groundwork for success on the other subjects.
Best to repeat your first year. It is very important, because your first year will help you become familiar with the university, your surroundings, courses, teachers..etc. It will make your 2nd year and future years easier, because you have learned lots during the 1st year.

Remember, if you fail in something, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you accept that you have failed, and must learn from failure. ;-).
You have had a lot of good advice already but I would like to check that you have asked about resits? Most unis in the UK do resits in August and students can only get a pass at the second attempt but that allows them into the second year.

Hope things go well for you

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