Should I go to UF or FIU?

Question:I got accepted in University of Florida as a Computer Science major. I live in Miami, so I can easily go to Florida International University. I cannot decide what's best for me? I wouldn't like to go away from home, but I fear that I cannot get a good job if I stay in FIU. What do you advise, is UF a lot better than FIU? What's the difference after graduation? Can I get a good job if I go to FIU? I have no financial aid also, I don't know what to do to live and study in Gainesville. I appreciate yout help

I started at UM. Then I transfered to FIU. FIU is very much a commuter school. However, it is a very good school. Espeically if you intend on staying in Miami. It has a lot of pull. FIU is "new", but its accredidations are building very fast. UF is a GREAT school. I ended up graduating for FSU. So yes I hate UF, but I have to give it props because academically it is one of the best, just short of Ivy League. Gville is a great town, it is a lot of fun and you will meet so many people.

I take it you don't have to worry about money. One because you said you don't get fin aid and two you are from Miami. I am too so I know what that means. Hahaha. Us from Florida often get to live a priveledged life. Not easy and I am not saying that. However if money is an issue, like your parents won't foot the bill, don't let that stop you from going away. I had to do that because my parents did not want me to leave. So I had to get a lot of loans. It was worth every penny.

Let me ask you this. What do you want? Do you want to leave Miami and experience the "away" college life? Do want to stay in Miami and be by your friends and family? Neither is bad. Both would be great as long as you go to college and that is what you want.

Going away to college is an unforgettable experience. You get the opportunity to really know who you are and what you want in life. You get to meet so many new people (don't worry you will meet plenty of people from Miami at UF). You also get a sense of freedom by going away. At the same time it is not for everyone. It is hard, it will test you, you will have to have self disipline and courage. You will learn so much.

As far as UF or FIU being better. By a rating scale UF is much better. That does not mean it will make your career better. Obviously you are very academic. UF is hard to get into. If you are feeling you are not ready to leave home then try FIU. If it is not what you wanted you can always transfer to UF. If you are ready to leave, go. Don't let money be the factor that makes you stay. Your college years are something you only get to do once. Go and have fun. Take adventures, meet new people, love life and excel.

Look in your heart for what you truely want. There you will find the answer. Good luck to you! I know whatever you choose it will be the right one!
Undergrad degrees usually dont matter much when looking for a job, stay close to home

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