I like talking to people...what job(s) and/or college majors should i pursue?

Question:i'm about to be a junior in high school and this is when i'm supposed to start making decisions.can anyone help me?

Majors: communications, public relations, broadcasting journalism, human resources, political science, marketing/advertising, psychology, theatre/performing arts.

Jobs: customer service, sales, hospitality/toursim, marketing, journalism, administrative assistant, event planning, fundraising, college recruiting, teaching, tutoring, real estate.
Sales/Marketing. Good luck.

just kidding. How about a social worker or something, helping poor people?
try buisness. if ur looking for a job that u enjoy talking with, be a psychcologist or social worker
I would recommend psychology, or maybe something in the legal field. I'm a paralegal...it's great!
anything you do in life requires some form of sociability. Find subjects that interest you first. Then narrow it down to what careers go with those subjects you like the best.
You could do Psychology
I dont know anything else lolz
Hope it Helps <3
Social worker
Customer Service Rep
Human Resources
Theater/Film acting or directing
Sports Announcer
If you like being around a lot of people (especially kids) you can always look into education. There are lots of jobs in this field and are predicted to be for quite some time yet.

You could also try sales and marketing but then you have to really like selling things are there is lots of competition.

You could do nursing or be a doctor too. They deal with people all day long.

There are alot of jobs really like you get to talk to people. Have you ever tried one of those little quizzes that help you narrow down what kinds of work you might enjoy? There are some online plus your school counselor probably has access to some. I would also contact any friends or family you know that are doing a job that interests you and see if you can spend a day or two with them on-the-job. This would give you lots of insight into the real world of this job so you could weigh the pros and cons.

Good luck!
Talking to or talking with?

Sales is a great profession for people who like to talk To people.

Jobs for people who talk With others include sales, insurance--claims and sales, investigators, recruiters--for colleges or for jobs. Counselors or therapists. You could do Human Resources, something most companies of any size has to have. Omsbudsmen for hospitals or other organizations.
Hotel Management/Hospitality! You will constantly be around people, interacting with them, and most of them will be in a good mood! Everyday would be different, and you will have some days that will be challenging and other days you will just have fun!
teaching , customer service , doctors, lawyers , counslers , speech tharapest , jus tbout every job requiers talking to pepole , but i would say counsler because u talk to them after listning to tem etc , unlike a shrink they mainly listen then write things on a paper then they say if your insane or not , teaching your always talking to kids , and alot of parents , and if u really want to talk try presedent, congress man etc even mayor , jus t dont give out all those campane lies when running for office

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