Can I still get into college with my GPA?

Question:I REALLY want to get into SIUe (Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville). One Problem, my GPA is a 2.92. The average academic profile of an incoming freshman at SIUe is a 3.0-3.4 GPA, a class rank of 52-85th percent, and an ACT of 20-25. I have a 2.92, but i'm in the top 50% and got a 25 on my ACT. Honestly, what are my chances of getting in? I had some AP and Honors classes, just didn't do to well in AP European History and AP 11 English. Will they possibly overlook my terrible GPA if I write a GREAT essay ( I'm amazing at those) and have a pretty good rank and the highest of their average ACT. PLEASE BE HONEST.

The essay might do the trick. However, I think a better idea would be to go to a community college for a year and then transfer into the 4-year school with really stellar college grades. A lot of state universities have transfer partnerships with cc's. For example, at my old CC students are guaranteed admission to Rutgers with a GPA of over 2.5 and a full scholarship with a GPA over 3.7.
try a tech collage 1st
You may need to go to a junior college for a couple semesters to prove you can cut it in college.
The numbers sound decent enough, but what about your extracurricular activities? Have you had any positions of leadership? Honestly, most colleges want your money, so if you're numbers are in the ballpark, which they are, then you shouldn't have any reason to worry.
Damn dude could you tell me how you got a 25 on your ACT please? I suck at ACTs
Well, it all will probably hinge on how many applicants they get. If they are over what they want to take, I'm sorry to say, you will probably not get considered. If they have fewer than they want, you may be considered. You may want to go to another school with looser requirements for a semester or two to get a solid GPA and then transfer.

Good luck!
You should still be able to get in. Most colleges want well rounded students. Make it clear that you have other interests and are involved in things outside of the classroom. Don't focus on your GPA, but on other postive aspects that you have. Good luck!
Your GPA is not Terrible first of all, just below their standards. I think you have a good chance of getting in. Write that awesome essay. I hope they evaluate your criteria, because a 2.9 at one high school may be a 3.5 at another, because the cariculum is not same everywhere. Go through the whole process openly, and hope for the best. Good Luck.
I can't really answer for the school, but I have a suggestion ... call the registrar's office and ask to speak to an academic advisor and ask him/her directly what your chances are. They may accept you and place you on academic probation for the first semester/quarter (just means you would have to keep that GPA above a 3.0). Personally, I think you have a fine chance, but if you don't get in, don't give up. You can always go to another school and transfer in. And once you are in school, if you begin struggling in a class -- ASK FOR HELP! Most state schools have free tutorial services (I was a Writing Center tutor at my college for 2.5 yrs), and there are TAs and professors who are there to help you, but you have to ask. Good Luck!
Ok, having been to college and having my grandparent work as the head of admissions at one time, I can tell you this: they will look at a bunch of things. Being that it says the AVG score is 3.0-3.4 that generally means that there are people that get in that have less, and then there are people that get in that have higher. They are going to look at a majority of things: what you did in high school (activities), classes took, GPA, ACT scores, and will look at your essays. I think that if you have a great resume, and good application you have a good chance of getting in. I would not let that be your only choice, always have a fall back. If you by some chance do not get in, then go to a local college and excel academically, get some volunteer work in, and try to get a summer internship in the field that you want to work in, and then reapply the following year. I hope that this helps!
Good luck!
Honestly I think you'll be fine. 25 will be good enough because that would 75 percentile at that university. That university must be very easy to get in and I'm sure you will.
Hi. Congrats on your desire to attend college!

First of all, a 2.92 GPA isn't too bad. That's almost a 3.0! Having taking rigorous courses, like AP and honors classes, have a positive impact.

If you apply early in the admission season, your chances of getting in are higher than it would be if you applied closer to the deadline. So, apply as early as possible (like the first of September).

Colleges do something called weighted GPAs. If they only require two math classes for admission and you've taken four, they will only use the two that are closest to their admission criteria. Typically, your weighted GPA will be higher than your actual GPA. After your GPA is weighted, you may end up with a 3.0.

Consider, however, that if you do get accepted with a lower GPA than other students, your chances for merit-based and academic scholarships will be lower.

Your recommendations also play a factor. If you can get a recommendation from an alumni of the school would be great. If not, make sure your recommendation speaks to your ability to do college work.

If you have your heart set on this school, I would really apply! But, have a back-up school as well.

Hope this helps!
With your ACT scores, and a good essay, and perhaps a few letters of recommendation from some of you teachers, your chances of getting admitted are just as good as anyone with substandard PSAT or ACT scores and a 3.5 or better GPA. Your GPA is not too far off the mark. With the aforementioned criteria met, you will probably get accepted.

From personal experience, I graduated with a 3.45 GPA and totally blew it on my SAT (like a 800 or something like that). I have always excelled at essays but consistently scored poorly on multiple choice type questions. It wasn't the content, but the format that screwed me up. I ended up going to a junior college for two years, did very well, and then went to a good college and graduated with a 3.95 GPA. The two years of junior college actually helped me in two ways: First, it helped my brain get acclimated to the collegiate style of teaching which can be very intimidating to an incoming freshman. Second of all, it almost completely eliminated the need for taking a course in which you are packed in with about 300 other students in a huge auditorium, with a foreign-speaking professor or even worse, a teachers assistant. A junior college typically has small classroom sizes and a "workshop" environment very similar to high school where you can bounce ideas off your classmates and ask the prof questions without shouting or having to wait after class to even ask a simple question. When you move on to a University setting, at the 300 and 400 level classes, you will experience a learning environment very similar to what you experienced during your first two years at a JuCo.

Of course, everyone's style of learning is different but if you cannot get into SIUe, then at least consider your local or regional JuCo. There are those who will turn up their nose at such a notion because of the unjustified stigma placed on JuCos. But I actually think JuCos should be mandatory for all high school graduates because it is cheaper and it also weeds the kids who are serious about learning from those who are not.

Best of luck to you, and keep plugging away. The fact that you seem to be enthusiastic about college will help you in your ventures.

Read the stat again.

The AVERAGE academic profile of an incoming freshman is a 3.0-3.4 GPA. My guess is this is the 25%-75% quartile... i.e. the person at the top of the bottom 25% of the school had a 3.0 GPA. The last person admitted to the school may have only pulled in a 2.4 GPA. So, your GPA and class rank may put you at the bottom 20%, but your ACT score sticks you at 75%. Write a good essay, and you may have a decent shot.

There is a reason that they look at a number of factors for admission. Keep in mind that even if you are accepted, that you will be in the bottom of your class. You are going to REALLY have to hit the books if you want to keep up, but I would apply. You might be waitlisted at the onset, but your shot of getting in is okay.
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