Does retaking a dropped class replace the w?

Alright so basically I am in Calculus now and I enjoy gotten a 60% on the past 4 quizes we have taken and those are the only things contained by the grade book meaning I have a pretty solid D. I hold another quiz tomorrow which I am almost certain I will get another 6/10 on. I feel resembling I understand the stuff but I just make simple mistakes on the quizes.

It seem like I have dug too deep of a hole for myself to seize out of. I only got this far in because I kept thinking alright if I return with a 10/10 on this next one then I will be ok but obviously that never happen. It seems like even if I do awesome on the rest of the stuff my chances of getting a b within the class are very slim. I am considering telling my parents tomorrow that I need to drop the class. My cross-question though is if I drop it then retake it will the new grade replace the w or will it show that I took the class up to that time then I got an a or b or whatever?
No, the W still stands.

But if you receive a bad overall grade at the end of the semester, you can retake the class and the position you get will replace the previous one. I did this with astronomy: I got a D the first time, so I retook it and get a C, so the D was erased from my transcript. I was happy near the new grade because that was a tough class.

You may not be capable of withdraw, as there is a withdrawal deadline. If that's the grip, then do what I suggested above.

Or, you can get a good position by going in for extra help starting now. Take pre-eminence of your professor's office hours, any extra credit opportunities, and student tutors if they're available.
Chances are the W will remain but don't concern yourself about it too much. Unless you are constantly withdrawing from classes its not a huge operate. People have off semesters and most schools/employers realize that. I think it would be starry to see you withdrew and then came final and got a good grade within the class. A ton of W's are no good but if you just have one or two its not biggie. Try again subsequent time.

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