Which University of California (UC) is easiest to bring back into?

I live in Long Beach. I want to know which UC is easier to get into. If possible the easiest one to get into that's closer to Long Beach.:)
The easiest UC campus to get into according to the chatter within my circle of academic colleagues is UC Merced because it is new and doesn't have a full-size competitive applicant pool yet. Source(s): Professional opinion based on feedback from multiple colleagues in the academic community.
Riverside and Merced adopt between 70% to 80% of their applicants. Santa Cruz accepts around 60% of its applicants.

You can see a detailed breakdown of the GPA and test scores of standard applicants for each UC campus at http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/ed… starting on page 39 of the PDF file. Source(s): I am a college admissions consultant specializing contained by the admissions process of highly selective California public universities. Aside from advise students, I volunteer with Berkeley and UCLA on high school outreach for in-state freshman admission (I receive training on admission requirements and attend college fairs to promote the schools). I also volunteer to score Alumni Scholarship applications and interview the applicants (for the Los Angeles area) for both campus. I received my BA from Berkeley and I was in a PhD program at UCLA.

I offer free dry advising and college/scholarship application review to California high school and verbs students who are planning to apply to highly selective California public universities. You can contact me thru my web site if you want help planning your academic curriculum, choosing extracurricular activities, or writing your personal statement. Get the most up-to-date admissions information at my web site: http://www.AskMsSun.com/
i live right subsequent to long beach in rossmoor(oc). the 2 easiest uc's to get into are riverside and merced. merced self the easiest. and rivirside is a lot closer than merced. so there you go...but even these school require like a 3.5 gpa or higher out of HS. good luck
UC Merced.

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