I want to pledge Alpha Kappa Alpha but my conservatory doesn't hold greek natural life. Can I pledge next to another institution ?

My school has no greek existence, and i found a school in matching city that has a aka chapter. can i pledge with them or something?

Answers:    Hello my fellow aspirant, the following information can also be found on the sorority's national website, www.aka1908.org. I hope this help and best wishes in your pursuits!

Q. Is it possible for me to be considered for membership if I attend a four-year college/university that does not hold a chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority?

A. Yes. Review the Sorority's criteria for membership as outlined in the Undergraduate Membership bit above. You can be presented for General Membership in the Sorority by the graduate chapter in your college community or by the graduate chapter contained by your home community. Use the Chapter Locater to identify chapter names and contacts.

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Blessed and Highly favored: Why don't you compile your OWN answers instead of copying other peoples answers from Yahoo answers. I saw that someone had posted similar content contained by their answer and you later use their wording.

Ms. Loving, the answer I provided was copied and paste from Alpha Kappa Alpha's national website. Whenever I do copy or use other wording except my own, it's from the national website...not anyone else's answers. I do that because the national website provides accurate information..and if you notice I always hint back to www.aka1908.org. I'm not trying to cause or rivet in any conflict.I just looked-for to provide you with clarification in regard to how I answer certain questions.
Stay Blessed!

You most plausible can not seek membership next to a chapter at a different school. Each undergraduate chapter has a charter that specifies which colleges/universities belong to that chapter. Students who attend other school can not apply.

Most charters cover one university. For example, Iota Nu Chapter, at the University of Miami, only considers for membership students who attend that college.

Some chapters are citywide, meaning the charter covers multiple colleges and university. An example of this is Beta Chapter in Chicago, which covers seven colleges: University of Chicago, DePaul University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Roosevelt University and Columbia College.

In order to be considered for strong views with Beta Chapter, you must attend one of those seven colleges.

Check with the graduate counsellor at the other university. She can tell you if this is possible. But from what you have written here, it doesn't appear likely.
"Pledging" has be abolished by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

"The Sorority's undergraduate Membership Intake Process (MIP) begins when an Official Acceptance Letter is received. THERE WILL BE NO MEMBERSHIP ACTIVITIES BETWEEN RUSH AND RECEIPT OF THIS OFFICIAL LETTER. MIP accomplishments in the name of the Sorority prior to Rush are prohibited. The university may hold additional requirements, which will impact this process. There is no pledging."
Blessed and Highly favored: Why don't you compile your OWN answers instead of copying other peoples answers from Yahoo answers. I saw that someone had posted similar content within their answer and you later use their wording.

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