Treca digital academy?

I already have the mac but they said I get to trade with a laptop once I start doing devout. Well I finished 4 blocks in each class in the first two weeks and I gain 3's in every class. What do I have to do to get a laptop?
Oh dear. Did they update you up front that they weren't compatible with Macs? That's not good.

Why a laptop? Why a PC? Find out and post back.

Some programs use "whiteboards" for classes that might simply work on a PC.

What do you have to do? Come up with the money. Right now masses of the computer manufacturers are having student discounts, but laptops still aren't cheap.

Also google "recycled laptops" and your area heading. You may come up with a place that has refurbished laptops.

Still, it is often tough for a Mac user to bring comfortable using a PC. Like going to the "start" button to shut down. Little things like that. PC users spend a lot of time just trying to hold their computer up and running, while we Mac users just keep working.

Also a Mac bigot.

Ann Zeise
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