Graph of pressure against density and desnity against T?

Question:hello, what is the general shape, according to the ideal gas law for a fixed mass of gas, for
1) P against desnity (constant T)
2) desnity against T (constant p)
3) T against 1/p (constant v)

thank you

When you say the "general shape" are you referring to the shape of a slope on a graph?

If so then keep in mind that Pressure is inversely proportional to Volume. So for example, if you place pressure on the x-axis and volume on the Y-axis, then the shape of the graph will be a negative slope (because in a situation of constant Temperature, as pressure increases, volume decreases).

2.) Volume here is listed as density because density=mass/V. When pressure is constant, Volume is directly proportional to Temperature so the shape of the graph should be a positive line; that is, as temperature increases, volume will increase.

3) When volume is constant, Temperature would be directly proportional to pressure.but youre asking for 1/P? So 1/P would be inversely proportional to temperature.

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