How do we use fractions and decimals in our daily life?

i ate half a pizza today, and my car will do the quarter mile in 13.4 seconds
by counting money we use decimals, buying gas we use both, buying groceries, cooking, daily chores
Money and cooking are the main areas of application of fractions and decimals.
in every thing from buy gas money

spilting things up among people and talking about pie
...we use decimals on money.
and fractions on
Decimals are easy. You use decimals every time you use money, specifically change. 10 cents is actually .10 - guess what, that's a decimal.

Fractions are typically used for sale items. Businesses will say "1/3 off!!" or "1/2 off sale!!". Guess what? 1/3 and 1/2 are fractions.

If you are a salesman, you typically work for a base salary plus a commission. The commission is a percentage of your sales. Percantage is a decimal.

I've done a number of home improvement projects that involve fractions, decimals and even some higher level geometry to lay out the project and determine costs of materials.

If you count calories for your diet, you have to make certain dishes and measure out portions; sometimes you even have to cook meals and use half cups or 1/4 teaspoon. Fractions.

To compute your miles per gallon, which is VERY important right now with the skyrocketing cost of gasoline, you need to work with miles to the tenths place and gallons maybe to the thousandths place (decimals) and divide them. You can save yourself big bucks by doing a tune up yourself; one thing you'll have to do is gap the spark plugs to .044" (decimal) or some such number.

If you work your own yard, you'll need to compute how much grass seed, weed-n-feed, fertilizer, etc to apply which is always done with parts per million or parts per thousand (decimals or fractions).

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