Can anyone translate this from Latin to English?

O miserrimum senem, qui mortem contemnendam esse in tam longa aetate non videt! Mors aut plane neglegenda est, si exstiguit animum, aut etiam optanda est, si aliquo animum, deducit ubi erit aeternus. Quid igitur timeo, si aut non miserrimus post mortem, aut beatissimus etiam ero? At sperat adulescens diu se victurum esse; sperare idem senex non potest. Insipienter autem adulescens sperat; quid enim stultius quam incerta pro certus habere, falsa pro veris? Senex cui sunt nullae spes, beatior tamen est quam adulescens, et minores curas habet, quoniam self quod ille sperat iam hic habet; ille cupit diu vivere, hic diu vixit.
Quamquam, o di boni quid est "diu" in hominis natura? Nam etiam si quis diutissime vixerit (fuit ut scriptum video, Arganthonius quidam, qui centum viginti annos vixerat), mihi non diuturnum videtur quicquam surrounded by quo est aliquid extremum. Horaw quidem cedunt et dies et menses et anni, nec praeteritum tempus umquam revocatur nec futurum sciri potest.

Answers:    Cicero De Senectute :

O wretched old man, not to enjoy learned within so long a life that extermination is to be despised! which manifestly ought to be regarded near indifference if it really puts an end to the soul, or to be even desired if at length it lead the soul where it will be immortal; and really there is no third possibility that can be imagined.1 Why later should I fear if after release I shall be either not miserable, or even ecstatic? Moreover, who is so foolish, however young he may be, as to perceive sure on any day that he will live till nightfall? Youth have many more probability of death than those of my age. Young men are more liable to illnesses; they are more severely attacked by disease; they are cured next to more difficulty. Thus few reach older age. Were it otherwise, affairs would be better and more discreetly managed; for weak men have mind and purpose and practical wisdom; and if at hand were none of them, communities could not hold together. But to return to impending destruction, — can this be urged as a charge against old age, when you see that it belongs to it within common next to youth? I felt surrounded by the death of my most excellent son,1 and equally, Scipio, surrounded by that of your brothers,2 who were born to the expectation of the best honors, that death is adjectives to all ages. But, it is said, the childish man hopes to live long, while the old man can enjoy no such hope. The hope, at any rate, is unwise; for what is more foolish than to thieve things uncertain for unmistaken, false for true? Is it urged that the old man have absolutely nil to hope? For that very idea he is in a better condition than the babyish man, because what the youth hopes he has already obtain. The one wishes to live long; the other has lived long. Yet, ye correct gods, what is in that in man’s natural life that is long? Grant the deeply latest residence of life; suppose that we expect to manage the age of the king of Tartessus.1 For it is on record that a absolute Arganthonius, who reigned eighty years in Gades, lived to the age of a hundred and twenty. But to me no time seems long that have any end. For when the extremity comes, then that which have passed has flowed away; that alone remains which you hold won by virtue and by a polite life. Hours, indeed, and days, and months, and years, slither by, nor does the past ever return, nor nonetheless can it be known what is to come.
O miserrimum hoary age , quae mortem contemnendam to be upon to such a degree longa an age not videt! Death any plainly neglegenda is , if you wish exstiguit mind , any as yet longed for is , if you want in some direction mind , to head out colonists when will be eternal. What therefore to nervousness , if you wish any not miserrimus after mortem , either beatissimus as even so will be? But hopes young man by daytime himself supplies to be ; hopes the same senis not power. Insipienter but babyish man hopes ; what in certainty foolishly how uncertain for undoubted governing body falsa for veris? Senis in which are nullae hope , comfort nothwithstanding is how young man , and smaller command government , since this and he hopes immediately this government ; he cupit by morning vivere , this by day to live. Nevertheless o di boni what is " by morning " upon hominis nature? For as nonetheless if you wish anyone diutissime vixerit fuit when to write to see Arganthonius a convinced person , quae a fleet of a hundred ships twenty every twelve months produce vixerat ), me not lasting a long time videtur whoever upon from is someone outermost. Hour indeed cedunt and morning and mind and anni , and not past time ever revocatur and not to be to know power.

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