Is listening to music while studying really bad? what about classical i have heard its good for studying?

Studying BAD
Music GOOD

Do what you enjoy, and your life will be a happy one...
I always listen to music or have the tv on while studying or writing papers. It is only bad if it distracts you too much from what you're trying to do.
YOU have to decide for yourself; if listening to music helps you - then do it! If you do worse on exams and papers, then stop listening to music while you study.
it depends on the music if its calm and relaxing then it can help you but if it has a lot going on in the background it may just distract you
no. you might get a little side tracked but that's ok. classical music helps you study a lot more things better than other music that you listen to.
I always listened to music or watched T.V. while I studied and never had any trouble. However they do say it is best to study in conditions similar to what it will be like when you take the test.
Music is the only way to make studying bearable. Rock on !!
Music can be really good for studying, especially instrumentals. I always get a little ADD in the complete silence, so the music calms me and helps me focus. Try it! See if it makes a difference for you.
depends on your study method.
if you really wanna know if it's good for you, go try it out yourself and see if it distracts you or makes you calmer and happier to study or whatever. most of all, see if there's improvment in remembering things as well.
you should see the effects of it in hours into studying,

my highschool put on classical music during our classes. it was rather distracting during classes and especially during tests. they put on the most miserable pieces.

so if you do happen to try it, don't listen to sad pieces. :)
I listen to my ipod while doing my homework i been doing it for 2 years now and i still get great grades. If you can focus on 2 things then go ahead or else just focus on you r homework only.
I have always found that listening to instumentals did not distract me from studying but that listening to music with lyrics did. Some people study better with music and some get distracted by it. If you find that you are not learning the information as well as you need to I would suggest turning off the radio. If however you are learning then listen to whatever you want to.
I don't think it's bad at all- I think it's really stupid when teachers make you turn off your ipod, especially during study hall. While doing homework it relaxes me and we should have the right to quietly listen to it if it helps us
I do it; I'm a good student.

I need the noise- I don't exactly pay attention to the music or TV, it's just there, so that if I get overload and I don't know how to do something, I can take a quick break.

If music helps you, then go for it. It's only bad if you aren't doing the homework.

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