Give me filipino and foreign chemists and their contributions.?

Paulo Campos built the first radioisotope laboratory in the Philippines.
Magdalena Cantoria is a noted Filipino botanist.
Josefino Comiso has been warning the world about global warming.
Doctor Lourdes Cruz has made scientific contributions to the biochemistry field of conotoxins.
Rolando De La Cruz invented an anti cancer skin cream.
Fe Del Mundo - Filipino Doctor is credited with studies leading to the invention of an improved incubator and a jaundice relieving device.
Angel Alcala is behind the invention of artifical coral reefs used for fisheries in Southeast Asia.
Arturo Alcaraz is a volcanologist specializing in geothermal energy development.
Benjamin Almeda designed a food-processing machine.
Julian Banzon researched methods of producing alternative fuels.
Doctor Benjamin Cabrera has developed innovations in drug treatments against diseases caused by mosquitoes and agricultural soil.
Filipino chemist Francisco Quisumbing invented Quink ink.
Felix Maramba built a coconut oil-fueled power generator.
Filipino scientist, Pedro Escuro is best known for his isolation of nine rice varieties.

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