Meaning of the title Night by Elie Wiesel?

What is the meaning of the title, Night? What literally occur to the Wiesel family at hours of darkness? To Elie at night? Offer a symbolic (symbolic) interpretation of the word “night” as it applies to a person’s soul. How does “night” become nightmare for Jews?

Answers:    a lot happen to the jews at night, that's when they come in a took Elie and his kith and kin away, and most of his journies were long horrible night. I think that when he referred to darkness he was referring to a time of hardship, perhaps. Also Jews weren't aloud to turn out after a certain time of the hours of darkness.
hope i helped :)
loved the book!
i meditate it was his soul appearance contained by the end of the book he did every point to survive even if it was bleak but just similar to the night sky 's moon and stars he still have a small amount of compassion inside

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