10 famous filipino chemist & 10 famous foreign chemist?

Paulo Campos - Filipino Scientist: Filipino scientist, Doctor Paulo Campos is a specialist in nuclear medicine and the award winning writer of over seventy-five scientific papers including:
Observation of Some Parameter of Insulin Action
Cr-51 Tagged Red Cell Studies
The Genetic Factor in Endemic Goiter
Paulo Campos built the first radioisotope laboratory in the Philippines.

Julian Banzon - Filipino Chemist: Filipino chemist, Julian Banzon researched methods of producing alternative fuels. Julian Banzon experimented with the production of ethyl esters fuels from sugarcane and coconut, and invented a means of extracting residual coconut oil by a chemical process rather than a physical process.
Julian Banzon - Degrees:
BS in Chemistry from the University of the Philippines - 1930
Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from Iowa State University - 1940
Julian Banzon - Awards:
1980: Distinguished Service Award - Integrated Chemist of the Philippines, Inc.
1978: Chemist of the Year Award - Professional Regulation Commission
1976: Philsugin Award - Crop Society of the Philippines
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For the filipino chemists.


For the foreign.


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julian a. banzon, luz oliveros-belardo, solita f. camara-besa, lourdes cruz, bienvenido o. juliano, quirino o. navarro, alphredo c. santos...

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