Apa ciri-ciri orang yang terkena penyakit kanker otak?

Answers:    Plase ask in English subsequent time, okay? Or you'll get your Q reported.

Somethings that I get:

Step 1:
Notice your loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea. If your appetite has decrease and you have experienced vomiting, nausea and solidity loss then speak to your doctor without beating about the bush. (Hilang selera makan, muntah2, pening2, hilang berat badan)

Step 2:
Be aware of constant headaches. If you find that you hold constant headaches later ask your doctor why this may be happening. It is a symptoms of brain cancer, but it could also be due to stress, climate or overexertion.(selalu sakit kepala, mungkin tanda kanser otak tapi boleh karna stres, cuaca atau kerja kuat.)

Step 3:
Note any sensations of clumsiness and weakness when you are performing on a daily basis activities. If you have a feeling you have these symptoms, next please speak to your doctor to discover what the problem is before diagnosing your discomfort.(kecuaian and kelemahan dalam membuat aktiviti harian)

Step 4:
Act hastily if you have difficulty near speech. If you find you are having a difficult time getting the words out of your mouth, after talk to your doctor as soon as you can.(susah untuk ngomong/berkata-kata/berbicara,terlupa perkataannya)

Step 5:
Speak to your doctor going on for your concerns immediately. Loss of memory, alertness, attention and concentration can adjectives be signs of brain cancer.(hilang ingatan,keawasan,fokus and tumpuan terhadap suatu.)

Step 6:
Be on alert if you have any abnormality with your nightmare. If your vision starts to transform dramatically or you find you can't see well anymore, please call round your doctor.(kecacatan/kerosakan/kelainan penglihatan,enggak bisa mlihat dengan baik/jelas dan perubahan penglihatan secara dramatis)

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