What is expected by Morally Defensible?

what does Morally Defensible mean? I really obligation help

Answers:    an bustle against morality but can actually be reasoned out or can be official because of its outcome, or reasons of doing so.
whereas when we do apposite we deserve good rewards when we do impossible we are punished.

Is the death cost we all know that this includes massacre, but rather next considering it as murder because it defies the unconscious laws of human , it is standard by some for reasons of serving equality and not some sort of revenge wherein the punished get as much affliction as his victim have recieved.
Is the idea or achievement able to be defended on moral grounds?

For example, lots people believe that time of war is morally defensible. They justify the bloodbath of combatents in a time of war so that their enemies can't wipe out them first. That's why the US dropped two atomic bombs on Japan: to end WWII. President Truman granted it was better to take out 200,000 innocent Japanese civilians than to prolong a war that might hold killed more than that number of American soldiers eventually.

Other race believe that war is never morally defensible. They believe within peaceful methods of negotiation and mediation. They believe that those need to work out their differences lacking killing respectively other.

I'm not saying which one is right or wrong, but I'm explaining to you what the phrase 'morally defensible' money.

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