How does science affect society?

i need 6 ways on how science affects society! thx!
How does science affect society?

science can affect our society in a whole array of ways and methods all through-out our united nations! it can bring thrill to a third world country while also creating controversy through stem-cell research.

Science can also be ridiculed by religious groups such as ''christians'' for being un-natural in our present world and by many other organization.

If you look (a) it in another way..........

Science has artificial our society in hundeds maybe thousands of ways. look (a) cctv cameras (we are watched hundredsof times a day) traffic wispy. cash machines, cars et.........

There are soo many reasons of how science have affected in society for the best of man-kind and partly for tge worst!!

I hope this help with your homework, and you get a good category, xxlol
The English word 'science' comes from the Latin 'scientia' which means knowledge.
Just think, and so, about how knowledge has changed human existence over time.

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