"Me and my Mom" vs "My Mom and I"?

When would I use "Me and my Mom" vs "My Mom and I" ?
Please give examples.
"My mom and I" is correct sentence structure. Saying "Me and my Mom" would just be silly.
You would never vote "me and my mom," but sometimes it is proper to say "my mom and me."
To decide which to say, dream up of what you'd say if you left out the "my mom and" part. For example, if you required to say that your dad loves you both, think of what you'd say if you be just talking about your dad loving you. You'd vote "my dad loves me," not "my dad loves I." That means that you should say "my dad loves my mom and me."
However, if you were conversation about a shopping trip, you'd say "I went shopping," so if your mom come too, you would say "my mom and I went shopping."
In summary, you use "my mom and I" when you two are the subject of the sentence, and "my mom and me" when you two are the object. Your mom (or anyone else) is other put first, as a sign of respect.
"I" is the subjective case and "me" is the objective skin.

My Mom and I went to the grocery store. (used as subject)

The police officer told Mom and me to be careful crossing the street.
(used as object) Source(s): retired teacher
me and my mom is not correct grammer..u would never use it ..if ur listing ppl ..next to urself included..u always put urslef at the end.. ..ashley and me ...my mom and i..its never correct if u went ..me and ashley..me and mom ..
My mom and I is correct grammar.
like my mom and i went shopping or something
me and my mom is the wrong route to say it
hope i helped :)

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