McCarthyism and The Crucible Parallels?

so im writing an essay on the relation between the two and i already have a few topics to include but i need one more and cat have a sneaking suspicion that of any
does anyone have any specific topics i can write a paragraph on??
im not asking you to do my homework
so dont give me all that bull **** something like doing it myself
i'v been looking for the past hour and cant seem to come up next to anything useful
i need a subject like:
-a relation between a behaviour from the book and someone who played a role in McCarthyism
-a common theme
-a relation contained by quotes from both

something like that
or if you had a web site i could use to help out me out that would be great too

Year of Publication and Link With McCarthyism

Arthur Miller published The Crucible in 1953, and debuted it that year at the Martin Beck Theater in New York City. He wrote the play in segment to renounce the unfair tactics of congressional committees investigating Americans suspected of subversive behavior. The House Un-American Activities Committee, established in 1938, begin holding hearings in the late 1940's to identify Americans next to communist sympathies, focusing on Hollywood actors, directors, and writers. Witnesses who refused to identify acquaintances exhibiting suspicious behavior were blacklisted, a cost that ruined reputations and made it difficult for many in the film industry to obtain work. When Senator Joseph R. McCarthy began conducting his own investigation in the U.S. Senate in the 1950's, he accuse hundreds of innocent people of having communist ties, using tactics not unlike those used surrounded by the Salem witch trials. MORE……

The play itself

Though there isn’t a lot of symbolism in the story, the events surrounded by the play itself are an allegory for the intolerance of McCarthyism. For a decade spanning the late 1940s to the late 1950s, the American government be intensely suspicious of the possible influence of communism on citizens and institutions. The FBI accused thousands of people of “un-American activities” and monitored many more; these people’s career and personal lives were frequently destroyed. More often than not, there be little to no evidence to support the accusations. Nevertheless, the FBI and various government groups involved contained by monitoring or accusing individuals, such as The House Un-American Activities Committee, enjoyed widespread support from the American population. (Learn more here.)…

Cold War: McCarthyism & Red Scare…

The Crucible and the McCarthy Era (ESSAY)

Arthur Miller's The Crucible, depicts the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692 but is analogous to the McCarthy trials of the 1950s. In both situations, widespread hysteria occur, stemming from existing fears of the people of that particular era. The Salem witchhunt trials parallel the McCarthy era in three key aspects: unfounded accusations, hostile interrogation of numerous innocent people and the ruination and loss of various people's lives.

The Crucible Essays:… Source(s):…
They were true events in American history. They be both "witch hunts" that targeted innocent people, were based surrounded by fear of "the other," people were condemned near no proof or viable evidence of any kind - compare Senator McCarthy to Cotton Mather (or the other Mather - forgot his name).

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