How did Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall? was he pushed?

Question:I have 2 small grandchildren I am sure the question will arise 'was Humpty pushed nanny?'

Something fun you could do is to make a Humpty Dumpty by boiling an egg and then gluing clothes and legs (pipe cleaners), and then go sit him on some half wall or garden wall and see if he stays (but of course he will fall).

Then you could have the kids try and put him back together again just like the king's horses (how can they put him back together?!?! that's the real question!) and all the king's men.

Good luck!!
humpty dumpty fell off the wall
i cant remember...humpty dumpty sat on a wall...humpty dumpty had a great fall...i think thats how it goes...maybe he just overbalanced!
he ate too many sweets and it made him fat so he didnt fit on the wall and he thought he did so when he sat down he broke the wall
If you look at the wall he is sitting on he is alone so there was no one to push him.
Well...I think you should say 'yes, by a very naughty person he ended up in prison for it and never had any sweeties again' makes them think before being naughty.
Humpty lost his balance. The actual basis for the poem was just that. The poem originated over a hundred years ago in England as a bit of biting political satire. So you're explaining that Humpty lost his balance should be enough for the children.
Good question, I always told my daughter when she was younger that Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall because he didn't sit still after his mummy told him to. :)
Well he was being a typical man wasent he. Giving me back chat so i pushed the hefty fella! he only brought it on!!...
lack of supervision and no Health & Safety risk assessment carried out.

Got a great compensation pay out though!!
Humpty Dumpty just fell but nowdays the poem goes on and he was fixed back together again by the little men!
You can always tell them he overbalanced because he had a very round bottom and the wall was very narrow.
He lost his balance.
no! he slipped off a banana peel that was put by someone
The law of gravity-here is a heavy round person sating on a small narrow wall. He can balance up there for a while but he will come down. But what about nanny how did he get on the wall in the first place?
I think it was the fact that he'd been on a stag do the night before and wasn't feeling tip top.
Dont know, The pOLICE ARE MAKING ENQUIRIES. It wasnt me who pushed him.
Possibly . ..... It`s been suggested this was a case of premeditated murder ! It could have been one of the King`s men , or even the King himself that commited this dastardly deed .

Everyone at the scene was questioned , and the usual suspects rounded up . Mother Goose was strongly suspected of complicity in this murder most foul , but because of the lack of cooperation on the part of all witnesses , the authorities came up empty handed .

To this day , the case remains unsolved .
Hmmmm...did he fall or was he pushed? Enquiries so far have been inconclusive. Any witnesses should contact Scotland Yard or Crimewatch.
he wasn't pushed, i was not there to push him..

he got a big head, and short lower limbs that's why when he looked down the wall, he fell.. tsk..tsk..
There was another gunman on the grassy knoll.

They don't want you to know the truth...
It was just an accident. Everyone has them from time to time. You can tell them that its just like when they are playing and they fall down. No one has to be at fault it just happens.
LoL- Humpty Dumpty just fell-He was really a cannon on a wall-The name Humpty Dumpty came from the noise that the cannons made when they where set off-humpty dump-humpty dump etc... When the cannon fell off the wall-all the kings horses and all the kings men -couldn't fix it..The nursery rhyme is very old and this is how it came about..
Humpty was an egg, ask the children to place an egg on a wall and see if it needs pushing.
humpty dumpty sat on a wall humpty dumpty had a great fall because he is an egg he should not be sitting around in a very great wall try to put an egg in a wall see if it does not fall.
NO... he just fell so that the words will rhyme. hahaha fall & wall
:-) Kids think of great questions like that all the time.

I would take it as an opportunity to brainstorm. "Let's think of all the reasons he probably fell off the wall." I bet they come up with better/funnier answers than what any of us can.

Have fun!
humpty dumpty sat on a wall
humpty dumpty has a great fall.
maybe he was unbalanced as his backside was big, and fell forward.

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