La Petite Academy tuition?

Question:Can someone please give me an idea of what tuition would be for a three year old? I've heard this is a wonderful place, but no idea about the cost.

My son goes to La Petite...I love it. My son started about that age and it was closer to 180 a week. Best thing to do is call and go down to look at the school. You will get all the info you need then. They also give a military discount. There's also a one time enrollment fee...I think around $50-60.
Hi! You need to go to this site:

It asks for your zip code, which I don't know, and then directs you to your local La Petite Academy and explains the tuition breakdown.

I hope this helps! ;-)
I have worked for La Petite Academy for about 4 years. Depending on the school and where it is located a 3 year old class can run you anywhere from $160 to about $140 a week. i hope this helps you :)
Sounds French, are you in France? Never heard of it, I'm sorry
i sent my child to la petite and had a horrible experience. the women treated my child horribly and were extremely disrespectful. this was almost 10 years ago, but just giving my two cents.

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