What is the bunny rabbit song to teach how to tie shoes?

Make two bunny ears, then one bunny goes around the tree and into the hole. Pull tight.

Make a cut out of a shoe in cardboard and put holes so the kids can lace it and practice learning how to tie it. I dis not know that there was a song with it. My brother sings the Spongebob song and my nephew loves it!

:Spongebob Squarepants - The Shoe-Tying Song : .

You wanna learn how to tie your shoe?
It's a very easy thing to do.
Just sit on down and I'll give you the scoop...
What's that? It's called the loop-de-loop.
You put your laces in each hand,
go under and over again, take your loop-de-loop and pull,
and your shoes are looking cool.
You go over and back, left to right, loop-de-loop and hold 'em tight.
Like the bunny ears or a Christmas bow, lace 'em up and you're ready to go!
Take your loop-de-loop and pull, and your shoes are lookin' cool.
i love tying bunny ears i jsut made this up for you

first grab the laces
tye a knot and make ears
swoop one around and pull
Criss Cross Tying Shoes
(tune: Splish Splash I was taking a Bath)

Criss Cross and go under the bridge
Then you got to pull it tight.
Make a loop but keep a long tail
That is how to do it right
Then you take the other string
and you wrap it 'round the loop
Pull it through the hole
Now you got the scoop

Criss Cross and go under the bridge (this is where you tie the loops together)
Now you made a Double Knot!
Go around the tree and go through the hole pull it tight then you've got it right!

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