Head start & Preschool?

I have a 2 year old she turns 3 in January and I begin to think about her going to school. Then I realize I had no idea when she could start, or what the difference was between person in charge start and preschool. Also she's not potty trained so do teachers help with potty training? If anyone can minister to answer my question it would be a big help I'm worried she might have missed out because of my ignorance.
At 2 your child is a toddler there are toddler programs out at hand.Toddler programs are different the preschool. I have worked in toddler programs where the children are not potty trained and teacher help wit the potty training. However parents need to also potty train at home. Before children move on to preschool the will want to be potty trained.

Head Start is for low-income families. Source(s): Student in Early Childhood Education.
I am not sure about other places but surrounded by Maryland in the county that I teach, which by the way is the solely Head Start program that hires bachelor degree teachers that I have hear of, your child does not have to be potty trained to enter. You should go ahead and enroll her now because she can start as soon as she turns 3. The biggest difference within our area between Head Start and Pre-k is that Head will accept students that are 3 and 4 and Pre-k will only adopt students that are 4. Also the funding is different, Head Start students do not have to pay for any meals or paddock trips. All of the things that I mentioned are according to my area, it may be different where you live. Call the Head Start bureau and get some information. She won't be 3 until January so you have some time to find out. Don't worry nearly being late because she can spend three years in Head Start if she qualify because she will not turn 5 in time for Kindergarten in two years.

Good Luck!
Most pre-schools won't bring the child until he or she is potty trained.
Head start is good for family that are from low-income. Pre-school are just as fine if you enroll your child at an elementary one versus a private own.
But your child should be potty train by you. The teachers can give you some counsel on how to potty train your child. As a parent you should research more and ask other family members how they had potty trained their own child.
I would cheer you to start potty training. There are a lot of story books you can get her to help next to this. Check the library. Head Start will accept her even if she is not potty trained, and most preschools will also. As far as starting preschool goes, Head Start is a federally funded preschool program for at-risk children and families. It primarily target low income families, however we also accept some over-income families for different reasons, so I would definitely encourage you to apply even if you reason you may be over-income. If you don't know where to find Head Start in your area, google "team leader start your city your state" and you should get a list of classes near you. You can also google "preschool your city your state" for a chronicle of preshcool programs in your area. Your timing is probably just right. Age 3 is a flawless age to begin this type of program, and sometimes they have waiting lists, so you'll want to originate your search now! Feel free to email me if you have any other question. Source(s): ECE teacher, mother of 3, grandmother of a whole bunch
I prefer kids to wait till preK if you are working with her skills at home.

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