My son is surrounded by kindergarten and is expected to already know his ABC's?

after his first week of kindergarten i got a letter home saying they would be doing conducting tests to see where he is in knowing his letters and dispatch sounds...
it also says he is expected to know both upper case and lower case, my son have only been to preschool, this is just his second year of college he only knows MAYBE a quarter of his alphabet.
i work with him adjectives the time but hes 5 i didnt think he would be expected to know it all by his first week of kindergarten?? am i wrong?
maybe its the conservatory? my son went is in school contained by a totally diffrent district as last year could more be expected of the children in THIS district?
i really hope other kids dont know there packages eather, i feel like my sons behind or something but i other thought you LEARNED your letter in kindergarten?
anyone else have this develop or have any thoughts?
These videos can abet him. Source(s):
You will freshly have to wait until after the test. This passageway get the support from the teacher on learning the abc's. Not to madness. He will get it.
Not every child knows them. Kindergarten is the best place to be for him and he is with other kids is that age group and they practice everyday. Before you know it he will be singing them to you.
I think you are misunderstanding what sort of "test" this is. What the teacher is probably looking for is how much the kids contained by the class know in general, so she has an thought where to start. Having the children learn all their upper luggage and lower case letters, and the sounds those letters engineer is her goal. Kindergarten moves quickly now, though, so you'll want to save working with your child. Soon, the children in his class will be beginning reader (a few of them are probably already reading). This kind of knowledge is a developmental thing, so don't be worried more or less your son. Keep working with him, one letter at a time, and he'll get it. Don't return with all excited about the concept of a "test". It's not what you're remembering from high college! (If you need ideas on how to work with your child to edify him his letters, email me.) Source(s): ECE teacher, mother of 3, grandmother of a whole bunch
well im a preschool teacher and we do teach them the abc's and most go away knowing all letters and sounds, but i am concerned why they would be sending letters home the 1st week saw that the children should already know them. most of kindergarten is learning the abc's and begin sight words? you might want to parley to the teacher, it may just be her expectations!
it is balderdash! "rome is not built in one day" even a week! that school is abnormal. i suggest it is a totally a strict school. did u ask the parents before and see how they think?

adjectives of my students (5 years old) also takes more than a month to know all the letters! some even well-read almost a year still cant say all of the abc letters!

swing school! it is abnormal! Source(s): a kindergarten male trainer for 3 years!
Nomatter it is right or wrong, its is the fact. Where do you live? I live within Hanoi, Vietnam. And that story is not a supprise in my town. I may receive such letter tomorrow.
I am not certain about your district, but generally kindergarten students are not expected to know every nouns, every letter, upper and lower case. They probably just want to see where on earth he is at and what he already knows. However, kindergarten is a lot different than it was 20 years ago. He should endorse most letters, especially those in his own name.

It is rather common for parents to feel a bit panicked when they hear adjectives their child should have learned, but simply talk to the coach. She should be very understanding and give you some resources.

One I notably recommend is . Please do not panic, it will be okay. Even if they actually do expect all of this (which I significantly doubt) the teacher should be more than willing to meet beside you about how to help him. It sounds like he have a very supportive mother who supports his education. To me, that's half the brawl. Source(s): Kindergarten teacher
kids don't usually learn their aabc's in kindergarten it should be taught surrounded by primary school
That's crazy. i am tutor kindergarten and most of the kids i teach don't know at hand ABC's I would talk to his teacher about this. kids really start erudition the ABC's in first grade.
Is he expected to know his upper and lower luggage by the END of the year ?? clarify this with his teacher. NO child starting Kindergarten should be expected to know upper & lower ABC's by the 1st week of school. Districts are different. One district may RECOMMEND your child know how to print his name, Capital letter 1st and the rest lower case. Others, however your child writes, upper or lower, is fine. The federal recommendation for kids starting into preschool is to know 12 uppercase letters. So, if he can 'write' his name (even if not perfect), he should know pretty a few letters. This is what I teach in my class, and we strive to gain ready to know a dozen letters by the end of PreK. Some kids know more, some smaller number. That is what Kindergarten is supposed to teach the child. Talk to his teacher. What are her expectations? are her expectations too high! Don't contest federal recommended guidelines? Here is a link of what is recommend taught in Kindergarten (federal guidelines): Source(s):…
Literacy and Writing will tender you goals for the school YEAR, and scroll down to the bottom to click on a link for endeavours.
Everywhere's different isn't it?
Go to some European countries and they don't even send their chidren to school till they are seven!

hey ho......he'll be fine
This doesn't sound right at all. My sister have been a kindergarten teacher for 12 years and she's told me that they do give assessment test at the beginning of the year just to see where the kids are at but the alphabet, erudition to write their name, starting to read, all that is qualified in kindergarten. You should really speak to the teacher and get a clear answer because adjectives children are different and don't necessarily know all the same things. And, keep working beside him consistently. I have 4 year old twins who did not start speaking until they were 3, they go to speech therapy for a year and now they know all the alphabet, are starting to write their name, so it does happen, just takes abundantly of work. Good luck.
Typically, you are correct in that letter identification is something that they should start research in Kindergarten. However, I have noticed that the children that are surrounded by the higher "section" classes already know them and some even have started reading. I teach 3K and 4K privately surrounded by my home, and my 4K kids come out able to read at a completed Kindergarten level. My older son be reading at a 2nd grade level going into K5 (he is now within 1st grade and reads at a 5th grade level), and my younger son, who is 4, will be reading at a 2nd echelon level when he starts K5 next fall, as resourcefully. It is getting more and more competitive in schools, and many teacher expect kids to have been in a 4K program, at least possible. Many parents in my area know this and want their children to be placed in the complex section classes, so they send their kids to programs that really push reading at a young age. When I go to Kindergarten, we learned things that my 3K class is learning. It just go to show you that things are really much further along than they were not too long ago (I am 31).

But, there are some great resources out there for parents. I HIGHLY recommend The Letter Factory DVD by Leapfrog. It teach letters and phonics. My preschoolers love it and they learn so much when they watch it. Here is the cooperation for it:…

Another good DVD is called Meet the Letters. However, it is really more appropriate for kids aged 2-3, but the main focus of it is memorandum identification. Older kids tend to get a little bored near it.

Don't be discouraged. Let the teachers do what they are supposed to do, which is teach, and reinforce his lessons at home as much as you can. He will master it soon ample, and it won't be an issue. Good luck!
I think kids today are expected to know much more than they were frequent years back. Preschool today is more like the kindergarten I remember. A friend of mine got a memo similar to yours as her daughter was going into kindergarten. They were expected to know all of their packages and many sight words. It also said what they were required to know within math. So some schools do set the bar high. I inculcate preschool, and many of the kids go off to kindergarten already reading. Some, however, hadn't widely read the whole alphabet by the time they moved on. Children progress at different speeds. Just keep working with your son, and hold on to it fun. Don't make him feel pressured. He'll catch on when he's all set.
Childrens' knowledge level will always ebb and flow when they get to kindergarten. My daughter happens to be advanced - because she can read very economically. But I am certain that teachers at this level know that here will always be difference between children, often quite colossal and they should be prepared to handle this.

Consider getting Hooked on Phonics if you are bothered by his reading level. This is what I used and my daughter was reading at a hugely early age. Also figure out how he learns and use this to drill him;…

Also check the section on reading; Source(s):
It would definitely have been sympathetic for your son if he already knew all of his alphabet letters but its not an categorical necessity. The assessment will help the teacher to group her children according to ability. I am sure that nearby will be some students who know all of their letters and some who know none. Play some games with the alphabet packages to help him identify them but do not stress yourself over this. He will learn them in his own time. I muse you will be surprised how much he learns during the year.

Good Luck!

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