Should i go to school for accounting? I am not good in math or algebra. Don't want something too hard.?

If you're not good in math or algebra, then accounting probably isn't for you. What are you good at? If you like people and life and science, perhaps you should go into nursing. If you like yelling at kids, maybe you should go into teaching. If you like arguing and reading, maybe the legal profession is for you. I'd start off at a good liberal arts four year college in order to get a degree and think about what you want to do.
Accounting is almost like an entirely different creature than math or algebra. Accountants make good money, if you put your mind to it you may take a liking to the science of accounting. If you really don't want something too hard, become a lounge singer.
it doesnt matter wether you're good at math or not, just as long as you loke accounting you should do great. I'm great at math but I have no desire to study anything related to it. if you really like accounting you'll learn a lot and that's what really counts. hope this helps! good luck!
Well, I would think this question is a no brainer...if you arn't good in math or algebra..WHY would you suggest going to school for accounting? You say you don't want something too hard. So far , what i'm hearing is you really would rather live life in a simple manner and avoid all challenges* If that's how you want to live your life...knock yourself out*~ find something that is an assembly line in a factory which doesn't necessarily require you to do any thinking at all*
It doesn't matter that you aren't good in math because Accounting is not your basic math or algebra. If you like working with numbers, then this might be okay for you. It's not a difficult thing to learn. As long as you can understand the decreases and increases to the chart of accounts, then you might do well. (The chart of accounts is a listing of your of your assets, liabilities, etc). One thing you might could do is start out studying Accounting, then if it isn't for you, switch majors.
I go to Virginia Tech and I enrolled as an Accounting and Information Systems major two years ago. My honest opinion after two years of really boring and arrogant accounting teachers (even though VT has a good accounting program) and really obnoxious fellow-students, I've changed my major to Hospitality Management. Going through some accounting coursework taught me that life as an accountant might yield more money but there's no way I could be around "those people" for the rest of my life.

The ideal accounting major is someone who thinks money is the most important thing in life. I mean, I had classmates who were very unethical and really didn't "get it" as far as life went. They were entirely consumed by getting really good grades and becoming accountants for big firms so they could drive $100,000 cars and have trophy wives.

Honestly, I don't mean to bash accountants in general. But the typical accounting major at a big school will be obnoxious, pretentious and unwilling to help others because they think it will help them get ahead to see others fail. I don't want to become like that and that's why I dropped the major.

You don't need to know advanced math. Most actual accounting is done automatically through a computer, but please, for your own good, pick a more fulfilling field and study that for 4 years of your life.
Be careful what you say you are going to major in. I know someone who went to college and got an acct degree because they make good money. Turns out she hated all her classes, graduated with a mediocre GPA, and got an acct job. She HATED that too, even though the $ was good. She hated it so much that she did a poor job and was subsequently fired.

Good that you are thinking about going to college. But if you are thinking of doing something because it's easy or because the money is good, you're missing the point of going to college.

My advice: Go to college for a major ANY major. Go to a state school where tuition is not too expensive. Take electives in stuff that you are interested in. History, art, science, languages, computers, whatever. If you don't like your major after a semester or a year, change to something that you may like better. But don't change too often because then you won't be graduating anytime soon.

Think not only of what you like but also what will get you a job you can live with. History is fun, but with a BA in history all you can do is get a teacher's license and teach high school. If you wnat to do something different you will likely need to get an additional degree, like a masters or a second bachelors or a double-major.

Just thought I should point this out.
If you want something easy, try being an Education Major specializing in Phys. Ed.

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