Do colleges look on your transcript to see if you cheated surrounded by soaring institution?

I was proved "guilty" for cheating. So now i want to know if colleges look to see if you cheated in soaring school or not and does it have a big impact on if you get into the college or not.
in reality yes, I'm sorry to tell you. When you apply to a college, your high school sends them an offical transcript beside all your records, including whether or not you cheat. Your school might diverge and won't send you offical transcript with all your files on it, but you would need a recommendation from your counselor. They might say something contained by their recommendation.

Colleges hate plagerism. How can they know whether or not your grades are your own? If everything else is solid, you should be allright. But, there's a giant red sticker next to your application in a minute.
They will get an official copy of your transcript, so it's reasonable to assume that they would look at anything on it. If your transcript shows that you be convicted of cheating, then it might be better for you to bring up the issue yourself, perhaps make yoru essay something like how you learned from the incident, and why you'll never cheat again.

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