Skirt pulled up for arts school paddling?

So at my school they STIIL have corporol punishment, which I think is stupid. Anyway I wont turn into any details, but I got into a little trouble at my high conservatory last week. Well the punishment was, you guesses it, a paddling. 6 swats from the principle bent over his desk. Well the time came for my punishment and I walk in with him and a the secretary because they have to enjoy a female present for girls and also as a witness, but the principle still does the paddling. So he told me to bend over, BUT, my school is a private school and we enjoy uniforms, and I was in a skirt. So I bent over and be trying to keep the back of my skirt from coming up. It didn't matter, the secretary grab the back of my skirt and flipped it up onto my back. I was so embarassed! I looked at her funny and she merely smiled and said, "don't worry, it's just protocol." I didn't know what to do, I didn't say anything, I lately froze there in position. He gave me 6 swats and told me to verbs my skirt back down and that I may leave now. Good entry a wasn't wearing a thong or g-string or something! I just wanna know if this is normal or does it sound chance. I doesn't really bother me now, I was just a touch surprised at the time. My mom said I was acting ridiculous, that's how they did it when she was in academy. Has anyone else experienced this. What's your opinion?
OH MY ******* GOD!thats TERRIBLE!!
That's....really strange. O____O Kind of seems approaching sexual harrassment if you ask me. They have no right to just expose you.
i'd say that that is taking it too far and could be considered to be sexual molestation. You inevitability to speak to somebody in authority about it if your parents won't do anything.

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