Why are High School students so shallow and judgemental?

A list of things I've gotten people yelling at me nearly:

(I am not kidding, all of these have happen in the last 3 weeks)

*Wearing a comfortable 10$ AE crew shirt with a 1x1 logo above my gone pocket. He said I need to show off my brand.

*Wearing comfortable Vans shoes, because I don't skate.

*Wearing a black hoodie

*Bringing a Thermos to school

*Using a lunchbox

*Carrying my books on my hip, freshly seems more natural.

*Running in the entry.

*Wearing Hanes socks (?)

*Telling a girl that Hollister was a hicktown and not a beach.

*Not helping someone cheat on a pop quiz.

*Having asian friends (True, Whites and asians don't mix.)

*Being in AP Human Geography as a freshman.

*Taking Regulars algebra to correct the workload of the previous.

*Answering someone's question that was directed to someone who didn't know the answer (Not in class discussion, happen 3 times.)

*Liking soup

*Being honest.

*Telling a girl talking during a test to shut up.


Honestly, I realize I'm not attractive, I'm weird, but I honestly can't assume being near any people more shallow. I'm seriously a markedly, VERY nice guy, I don't expect people to conform, or have big ****, or whatever, I expect them to follow a kindergarten lesson: TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!

Outside of my small circle of friends, alot of relatives hate me, because I look funny, act strange, and am nice. I don't know what's so wrong with me. I believe honor is falling apart, and I get the impression like the indians in Africa, a important foundation for humanity, shape aside for other things.
People in broad are shallow and judgmental, not just high school students.
I do not know.
Let me report u something about me
* I like to read
* I like to obtain to class fast so I won't be late
*Being Honest
* Using a lunchbox
*Takes Algebra II
*All in Honors Classes
*I don't consent to people cheat off of anything
*Don't wear areo, hollister, eagle etc.
Wow High school students are really shallow I have that come up to me a lot as well just because I wear comfortable cloths and I approaching to use new vocab that are long and confusing. I am also a freshman and I think ppl who may even just be a class above me and you are snobs just because they think they are better then freshman. But if you are how you read aloud you are don't stray from who you are, never given in. Another Kindergarten lesson "BE YOURSELF" that's what's important and as long as you have close friends to attain through the next 3 years, you should be fine. I agree though people these days are judgmental and freshly totally unreasonable. Honor and being yourself those things don't matter to people of our colleagues these days, it is a sad fact. Hope you build through H.S.
LOL, wow I guess your a freshmen dont verbs.. u will egt adjusted to the school..But wow, PPL make fun of what u wear..i guess ur academy is full of materialistic pppl.. cause in my school kids that wear A&F and Hollister do not put together fun of kids that wear no brands..i think you should trasnfer school and leave those materialistic kids..Go to a arts school that focus on academics
My school has an awful school uniform and the other students still chaff and judge, for example:
*Your skirt is too long
*Your shoes (black dress shoes) are ugly
*Why are you wearing anklets (socks) they are so weird
*How come you don't hold converses

And they still find time to laugh at you because you like Music or English, and don't particularly resembling Phys Ed.
School will always be like that and there is no path to change that, people are cruel.
It's my first year at HS and I'm having a difficult time adjust but, having the friends I have I couldn't care smaller number. At least they're real friends.

Good Luck ;)

I know I'm not the most gorgeous person at my college, and Im really weird, but that's why my friends are my friends they like me for me and i don't care if those other students are horrible.

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