What does the phrase "tut sweet" mean?

Question:I have heard it said such as."Tut sweet, my man." I wonder what language it is? It might be spelled wrong. thanks.

Toute suite.

French, very fast.
The correct phrase is "tout de suite," often shortened to "Tout suite." It means at once or right away.
I think it means "right now" but I'm not sure where it originated. Would love to know if I'm correct though.
i think its french
This is a French-based wording. It should be said "Tout de suite" - meaning right away, at once. However, through a great amount of usage the 'de' has been dropped. So, today you typically hear: "Tout Suite". Again, it means right away. Pronunciation: "Toot sweet".
It is French "tout de suite" which means right away, immediately, as soon as possible, etc.
It's French. The phrase tout de suite functions as an adverb meaning "immediately" or "at once."

However -- in the actual spoken language -- Francophones usually contract it (like in English we say "needa know" instead of "need to know"). A more accurate orthography would be something like "tou'de suite" because the /d/ and /t/ sounds are very simular.

Therefore, the common French pronounciation (in IPA): [tyt sɥt] or (in English): "toot sweet."

My theory: <i>tout de suite</i> gained popularity in contempory culture when American soliders returned from France after WWII. Its usage before the War is rare (*I couldn't find the phrase in a search through Chaucer's or Shakespeare's works, so this suggest that it probably didn't enter the general lexicon as a result of the Norman Conquest). I haven't had time to fully research my theory for this answer, so it's just an educated guess.
It's French - I don't remember if the correct phrase is "toute suite" or "a toute de suite," but I do know that it means "right now" or "immediately."

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