How do u make good lies to ur parents?

Im an expert but it add additional details about what you want to lie about and then I could probably help you better
u shouldnt lie
It depends on what you are lying about. I lie all the time, but there is some validity in it affects you later in life, even though that doesn't stop me. This lady I know, she talked about how her ex husband lied in school, cheated on everything, and then he started cheating in life. And she has two sets of twins, one year apart, and when they were young, she was at a family party for her husband, and she started talking about his schooling, and then one of his relatives was like i no he didnt' go to that school he went to this school. etc. etc. and she found out, he lied about practically everything. His resume was all lies and everything they shared was all lies like the stuff they had incommon etc. and he never even graduated highschool. Crazy, I know.
its all in the smooth talking ability... thats why im gonna be a used car salesman someday
Well, in my case when I lie to my mother she thinks it is the truth, I make it believable. But when I tell the truth I guess it is just too crazy because those are the times that she accuses me of lying to her.

So in answer to you question DONT try to hide your eyes, make it believable and in some cases create evidence of having done something else and remember practice makes perfect.

I know you're not trying to hear this but don't lie. Being a liar takes its toll as you get older.
Only those of questionable character act so immaturely. Would you trust someone who lies to you? That would be foolish.
You may not realize this, but your parents are older than you are, which means they've seen a lot more detective shows on television to say the least, and will probably catch you YEARS before you know they've figured out you are a liar.

It's going to be embarassing when you figure out the hard way that your parents are a lot smarter than you ever thought they were.

Anyway, good luck with the lying thing. Just realize that most people don't trust a known liar's word twice. You aren't going to get a second set of parents.
five words to you: NEVER LIES TO UR PARENTS!
A good lie comes when it is only a stretch of the truth. This way it's more justifiable.. it's not that you lied, you just didn't tell them the whole truth! It helps you keep a straight face when dishing out a lie! I AM NOT CONDONING LYING TO YOUR PARENTS, however!! My parents were very strict and sometimes a truth stretch was in order to have a little fun when I was younger. I would not lie about the big stuff though! (ie. I'm pregnant.. yeah.. doesn't work so well)
It's not cool to lie. As you know, it takes a lot of work to cover up a lie with another. Soon you will be in your own web and stuck in there. By the time you are twenty, you whole life will be a lie.
The only times a lie is justified is when you don't want to hurt someone with blunt honesty when they ask what you think of them and you have nothing good to say, or when you are trying to save someone from death or torture.
If your not a good liar you can't change that and if they don't trust you you can't change that either so basically there's nothing you can do other than get caught lying or don't lie:( you could try to get involved in acting, audition for a play, or take a class particularly improv it might help.
Does not matter how "good" you try to make them...your parents are NOT stupid and will know you are lying. May take them a bit to find out...but trust me they always do.

You are better off just telling the truth.

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