What Does It Mean When They Say," Love Is Blind"?

My wife, very pretty.
Me, uglier than road kill.
My wife either proved love is indeed blind or disproved it by
finding something attractive in me. God only knows why.
You won't notice or care that the one you love has bad habits or traits.
They don't mean love but lust, I suppose. If you are in lust, you will overlook a lot of faults in another person. If you love someone you will notice their peccadillos and quirks but mostly accept them as part of the package. No one should have to accept abuse, criminal behavior, drug and alchohol slavery etc. in another person., so saying "if you love me, you should accept me as I am" is a misconceived statement invented by rose garden romantics.
lets say. the person you love has a booger. it meens your not going to embarass them by laughing and telling everyone.
this is an example.
Love needs not have eyes.

Love draws the soul from the beauty that is seen to what is beyond.

Love always kindles the desire for the hidden through what is perceived.
Generally what I take this to mean is that if you love someone, you'll look past the little annoyances (such as snoring, leaving dirty dished around, failing to pick up dirty clothing) and love them for who they are, warts and all (regardless of looks).

that's not to say ignore major character flaws such as abusive or addictive behavior.
Your love for someone makes you "blind" to their flaws...Also, if someone doesn't necessarily treat you right, and you stay with that person your love for them is making you blind to their actions. For example, a man hits a woman and the woman says "Oh, he didn't mean it". Her love for him is making her blind to the fact that he is a complete @$$!!
Love is blind...and def & dumb (in SOME cases and I'm NOT referring to abused women) :o)
Love connects you to a person with something deeper than physical attraction alone.
If you love someone, you don't notice their faults or short-comings. You only see what you want to see-the positive things in the person.

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