What exactly does it mean for a guy's balls to drop?

Question:dejan doesnt know lol

What it means for me is alot of pain! When I get out of bed in the morning if I don't hold onto them they drop on the floor and I step on them, and then I scream because of the pain.
Balls or testicles, drop down at approximately age six.
It means that his voice has changed...he's becoming a man...famous aussie saying "drop your balls..be a man!"
This is a crazy question. It means that the testicles are down in the sack and not in the stomach. Most booy's balls drop before birth. Sometimes there is an undecended testilce and the boy only has one. It can be fixed by a doctor when he is young. Horses on the other hand do not have their balls drop until they are about 1 year old or half grown .

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