The saying goes, 'See a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck?

Question:Well I beg to differ. I'm a matador, and whilst picking a penny up at work the other day I was badly gored in the anus. That's not good luck in my book.

Lmao, unlucky!

X_x_X Luv Ya's X_x_X
Ha...thats funny...Dont pick up anymore coins on the ground. Imagine what would happen if you picked up quarter.
See a penny, pick it up, all day long - you'll have a penny...
Ha, ha. Very funny. (sarcastic). It's all superstitions. I like to believe that one though.
I've read your book and thats the nearest you've had to a bit of action for a long time.
See a penny, pick it up and all day you'll have a horn in your a*se doesn't sound as good though does it?
thats nothing. i picked up a penny in the road the other day, and got hit by a truck. it skidded on my burst open head, and went straight into an orphange for ugly children, and killed all them as well- which was were the penny was going.

people need to think before coming up with spiteful crap like this....
Yesah pennys suck, you only pick up pund coins and if your lucky two pund coins! it rocks when that happens :P
Get the question right. It's "See a PIN and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck."
It's just superstition I doubt it really gives good luck =D.
Did you actually pick up the penny before it hit you?
But anyway, think about it, you're still alive (although I doubt the story was real anyway) so you must have some good luck lmao =D
Thats cuz it was probably on Tails instead of heads
Anyone picking a penny up whilst working,thinking that then
one will have good luck all day long,and then getting disappointed by not having that , is:
1. Superstitious
2. Ignorant of the Good Luck that HE HAS WORK and that
He CAN Work!
So the bull owes you more money.
only pick the penny up if its tales up that means good luck... if its heads up then its bad luck.

i pick them all up anyway b/c when i find money on the ground i think im pretty darn lucky no matter which side is facing up, im 1 cent richer than i was 5min ago.
why do you keep your book in your back pocket?

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