The Doors Quote In City of Bones by Cassandra Clare?

In the book "City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare, Jace quotes a bit of poetry by William Blake and is surprised when Clary knows it because of a Doors song.

I would like to know what that song is.

"Then you'll see the world as it is—infinite," said Jace with a dry smile.
"Don't quote Blake at me."
The smile turned smaller quantity dry. "I didn't think you'd recognize it. You don't strike me as someone who reads abundantly of poetry."
"Everyone knows that quote because of the Doors."
Jace looked at her blankly.
"The Doors. They were a band."
"If you say-so so," he said.

Jim Morrison's 1960's rock group, The Doors, took its name from one of William Blake's poems, in which Blake laments the spiritual blindness of humans:

If the doors of perception be cleansed,
Everything would appear to man as it is: infinite.
For man has closed himself up,
Till he sees all things thro' rigid chinks of his cavern Source(s):…

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