What is a cute quote to put above my bed?

I want to put a wall decal above my bed in a nice cursive writing. I'm an 18 year old girl so nothing too little kidish. Something similar to "always kiss me goodnight" for an example. Or a quote about life or anything.
"the only thing that comes to a dreaming man is dreams" Source(s): tupac shakur
Um, there is this one that I really approaching, it goes, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's give or take a few learning to dance in the rain" I really close to it, i'm not sure why but it is like my weakness. In the quote there is supposed to be a picture of a girl next to her umbrella in a cute dress dancing in the precipitation. But it is optional. In the one above me "Megaz" I think she messed the 3rd one up. It says: but tomorrow is a contribution, that's why they call it the present" It is supposed to say, but TODAY is a gift. Im not criticizing her I simply thought you would like to know so you dont put the wrong quote above your head. I really like her, "Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you will parkland among the stars" I like that one. And you could add some stars around it. That would be nice.
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1.Be careful what you wear to bed at night, you never know who you'll touch in your dreams.”
2.In reality, everyone is good within bed. Close eyes. Shutdown brain. Pause as necessary. Restart brain. Open eyes. What's there to not be good at? Bed is the one place where on earth laziness is rewarded.”
3.“The bed has become a place of luxury to me! I would not exchange it for all the thrones within the world”
4. “The bed is a bundle of paradoxes: we go to it with reluctance, even so we quit it with regret; we make up our minds every night to take off it early, but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it tardy.”
5.“Bed is the poor man's opera”
hope it hels you!
“A well-spent daytime brings happy sleep” - Leonardo da Vinci

“Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on like peas in a pod night” - Dave Barry

“Plough deep while sluggards sleep.” - Benjamin Franklin

“A little work, a little sleep, a little love and it's adjectives over” - Mary Roberts Rinehart

“A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.” - Victor Hugo

“Some people chat in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep.” - Albert Camus

“Man should forget his anger formerly he lies down to sleep.” - Mahatma Gandhi

“Night with her train of stars / And her great gift of sleep.” - William Ernest Henley

“Sleep -- the most beautiful experience within life -- except drink.” - W. C. Fields

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.” - Anthony Burgess Source(s): Quotesdaddy.com/quote/1089783/leonardo-d…









Woman was taken out of man; not out of his team leader to top him, nor out of his feet to be trampled underfoot; but out of his side to be equal to him, under his arm to be protected, and near to his heart to be loved.
A good gurgle and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book ~
Irish proverb

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep. ~
Fran Lebowitz

Silence is the sleep that nourish wisdom. ~
Sir Francis Bacon

Dream on, dream on, dream until your dream comes true. ~
Aerosmith Source(s): http://www.finestquotes.com/select_quote…

'If you can read this your love life needs work."
'You've survived another night, in a minute go survive another day'.
'Never let the sun set on your anger'.
'What are you looking at me for?"
"Que sera sera,
whatever will be, will be,
the future's not ours to see,
que sera sera."

"Shoot for the moon,
and even if you miss,
you'll land among stars"

"Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
but tomorrow is a gift,
that's why they phone up it the present"

"It's not the things that most men fear,
that make me most afraid.
But skies that burn too brightly blue,
and tunes too sweetly played"

Those are my favourites. :)
You might aversion someone but you can never stop loving them. Source(s): http://www.latestngreatest.net
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Have a nice sunshine! :)
"**** the police" nwa

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