Is in attendance an actual Psalm 129 that read "Go forth and wish, further up, you will find glory."?

You've all probably heard the prank before, but is there an actual epic in the Bible that says it. If not are within any phrases similar to it? (Especially those that give direction).

Answers:    Luke 14:10
"Friend, go up highly developed, then shalt thou have glory"

It's not the unharmed verse but then (the fake) Psalm 129 would scarcely be one line long either.
here is NO such manual in Psalm 129 like "Go forth and aim;
further up, you will find glory." There is not in the entire Psalm, nor in the entire Bible.
The Psalm 129 surrounded by my Scriptures does not have a verse approaching that, nor have I found any phrases at all similar to it.

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