William Alfred Quannigton?

was he real or does any1 really know?

Answers:    There is utterly no evidence that William Alfred Quannigton be real. His name appears on a few, equal "highest IQ lists." I discovered an alleged source for such a enumerate: a Quigly Anderson; however there is no evidence whatsoever that a Quigly Anderson existed or wrote "a book on the 50 highest iqs ever record."

If one believes the single bit of information available about the alleged William Alfred Quannigton, surely his name would appear within some other context. It does not. Thus, the total absence of corroberation or additional information give or take a few a William Alfred Quannigton is sufficient to conclude that he never existed, except perhaps surrounded by the imagination of some, including the dubious Quigley Anderson about whom there is alike evidence of existence: None.

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