How many types of tenses are there?

There are 3 types of tenses which can be subdivided into another 4 types. They are:-
1) Past tense
It can be sub-divided into:
Simple past ( eg- ate )
Past continuous ( eg- was/were eating )
Past perfect ( eg- had eaten )
Past perfect continuous ( eg- had been eating )
2) Present Tense
It can be subdivided into:
Simple present ( eg- eat/eats )
Present continuous ( eg- is/are eating )
Present perfect ( eg- has/have eaten )
Present perfect continuous ( eg- has/have been eating )
3) Future Tense
It can be subdivided into:
Simple future ( eg- will eat )
Future continuous ( eg- will be eating )
Future perfect ( eg- will have eaten )
Future perfect continuous ( eg- will have been eating )
X past
X present
X future
past tense (bhutkal)
present tense(vartman kal)
future(bhavishya kaal)

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