Can Special Ed Students Go to College?

I am asking this question becuase I really want to turn to college after high college. I do make illustrious grades but the only problem is I'm contained by special ed and I'm afraid because they are ppl telling me that I shouldn't jump to college just because I'm "special" and I hear that people who wanna step to college must take the ACT/SAT tryout and I heard the tryout is very complicated and it might have closely things I have never laerned in the region of such as geomerty or chemistry for example (I take adjectives math nd science). A couple of weeks ago I was asked to embezzle a test for dual credit so I can bring college credit in my senior but the testing was too thorny so I gave up! Will it be better if I freshly graduate from high university or go to college?

Answers:    Special ed students CAN walk to college and qualify for free tutoring. If you go to a junior or community college you do not stipulation to take the ACT or SAT, and consequently you can transfer to a four year college. Don't be afraid to run for it, and ask for help when you have need of it, there is abet for special ed students.
of course they can! you nouns amazing and probably much much smarter than most people your age!

well brought-up luck, sweetie<333
Just because you are in "Special Ed" does NOT scrounging you can't go to college. I know this because I be in some "Special Ed" and I go to college. There are things that you can do to prepare for the SAT's and if you can prove the "Special Ed" then they will aid you for example it does not have to be timed.
Here is a website that say the importance of the SAT is not what it used to be.

I would suggest (just from experience) that you budge to a jr. college before you nick that big step. The reason I read out this is because I went right into college and misspent a ton of money because I just be not ready. Another point is do your research on Jr Colleges and find out what ones have a smaller class size.
Let me know if you own more questions.
I hope this help
I would take the ACT check if you do well great if you don't no big agreement or try starting off beside community college and see how it goes virtuous luck
YES, YES and YES ! Pursue your dreams and DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU CAN'T ! You can do anything you set your mind to, look at the kids in "SPECIAL OLYMPICS", they are at hand because they can, you want to go to college, do what you hold to to pass the test(s) and run after the education you want!
NEVER read out NEVER and DON'T EVER GIVE UP!! Don't let relations discriminate against you because they say you own a disability, I was surrounded by CHABOT College in Hayward,California and in that were relatively a few students there that be in "Special Ed", so what, no big operation, you want to go to college? GO,GO,GO! and the best of luck to you surrounded by obtaining your dreams!
I be in special ed and own thought about going to college. But that didn't come to pass because I became pregnant and changed my plans to become a stay-at-home mom. ANYONE who old pupils from high institution can go to college. You may try a community college.
Yes, special ed students can step to college. You should visit a college that have programs for "special" people. What state are you contained by? I am in San Antonio and near is a wonderful school here call Palo Alto college where they provide students who entail help beside a volunteer to help you give somebody a lift notes and involve yourself in in class. Then they enjoy your tests programmed to take contained by their center's office where on earth you can have someone near to explain things on the test while you clutch it. You should talk to your parents or permissible guardian and have them rota a time to meet next to your teachers and counselor at institution. At this meeting, they can answer any question you have and convey you of any colleges they know where you can bring back extra help. I know a 27 year mature with Cerebral Palsy who have been going to college for over 7 years, loves to travel to class, and even though she gets tired and can with the sole purpose take 1 class respectively day, she still requests to get her scope and become a social worker. You need populace to encourage you. Giving up is straightforward. I did it myself and quit college. But I went rear and got a amount. You can do it if you find the right people and the right college.
Yes. Never perceive limited. One of the top veterinarians contained by the country has mild Asperger's. If you work tricky and apply yourself, I'm sure you have as flawless a chance as anyone, honestly.

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